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Cold Salt Water Spa

The application of cold triggers three basic reactions. First, the metabolic response of the cells is reduced, at a cellular level so the cells need less oxygen to function and aren’t damaged by the cold. Second, the permeability of the blood vessel walls is decreased, thus reducing the amount of fluid that can accumulate in the injured area. And third, the cold “numbs” the area somewhat, acting as a topical analgesic.

Very importantly, cold does not override the beneficial effects of the healing process. The spa assists in healing wounds and superficial infection control. Powerful jets greatly increase the oxygenation of the salt water and the massaging action disperses accumulated fluid swelling.

The 25% sea salt and Epsom salt concentration of the water has a major impact on the healing process. This high salt concentration will draw away more of the fluids that accumulate around an injury. Additionally, the precise proportion of salts has been found to allow injuries to heal more quickly. 

The deeper the water, the greater the physical pressure is exerted on the tissues. This helps push accumulated fluids out of the legs. 

Aeration of the water has a two-fold effect: it increases the dissolved oxygen level of the water and provides a gentle massaging action to the soft tissues. It is thought that the increased oxygen level aids the healing process much as hyperbaric chambers do for humans, while the massaging effect influences dispersal of fluids. In addition, horses tend to relax more in the aerated cold water than in still cold water as is evidenced by reduced heart rates.


Lastly, when the horse leaves the cold water, the blood supply rushes back to the chilled legs, bringing with it additional healing factors to speed repair of damaged or fatigued tissues.

The spa can be used on horses with acute laminitis.

Service Price: $50/up to 30 min. for boarded horses, $55/up to 30 min. for haul-ins, ($25 added for first visit IF additional training needed for reactive horses.)

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