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Full Body Vibration

TheraPlate’s patented vortex wave (vibration) circulation stimulation was originally developed by NASA for astronauts to maintain bone density in a zero-gravity environment. It has since been proven to provide similar results here on earth, with both humans and animals. It is used by numerous International level riders on their own horses, to warm up before an event or relax afterwards and in their facilities.


It has been proven to maintain bone density and muscle thickness on horses on stall rest. When used on horses in work, the effects are even greater. 


TheraPlate has developed numerous protocols to reduce inflammation and increase circulation which in turn increase healing and speed recovery time.  It has shown to increase rate of hoof regrowth, improve digital cushion circulation in the hoof, and even aids in improving nerve regrowth so crucial with EPM horses and other neurological disorders. 


Most horses thoroughly enjoy their sessions on the TheraPlate, and relax, lower their head and neck and some even take a nap.  


Service Price: $20/up to 20 min. boarded horses, $25/up to 30 min. for haul-ins.

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