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Water Treadmill

The water treadmill provides a versatile, highly effective, low-impact workout. The water depth can be varied from 0” to 36”, and belt speed can reach 4.8 mph. By varying the water depth and belt speed, we can increase buoyancy to reduce weight bearing and strain on tendons and ligaments while rebuilding strength and fitness. Water naturally provides more  resistance, providing an excellent method of non-weight bearing conditioning while increasing the range of motion. Also a great form of exercise for dogs and other animals needing gentle exercise.
The water treadmill can improve any horse’s wellness by increasing their fitness level. Increased fitness improves performance by developing the musculature of the topline and abdomen. Targeted strengthening of these "core" muscles along the back and abdomen can enhance performance in any discipline and can increase a horse’s longevity by maintaining a suitable body condition to aid in their continued good health. We have many established protocols for targeted development of certain muscle groups that can be tailored to a specific horse's needs. We also have protocols for use in the rehabilitation of several different common injuries and ailments with your veterinarian's approval. 
With older or hard-working performance horses, the water treadmill helps to ease the discomfort of arthritis by gently increasing the mobilization of joints and soft tissue. For horses that are in regular work, occasional cross-training on the water treadmill can serve as an intense, low-impact work out, while giving them an interesting mental break from their normal routine while increasing their fitness. This can add years of competitive use to a horse’s lifespan.

We will work closely with your veterinarian on rehabilitation cases to help develop a plan for your horse’s recovery. Veterinary approval is not required for conditioning a healthy horse, but we require your veterinarian’s on-going involvement and protocol approval for any rehabilitation cases.

If a horse incurs a tendon or ligament tear or strain, once your veterinarian approves hand-walking, starting active recovery on the water treadmill can reduce total recovery time by as much as 50-60% over stall rest alone. By the time the horse has completely recovered, he is already fit and ready to get back to work. And a fit horse is much less likely to reinjure himself.
If the horse experiences discomfort while walking and movement is indicated by your vet to assist in their recovery, the water level can be raised to increase buoyancy, reducing the weight-bearing and concussion on their joints helping them to move more comfortably.
It’s an extremely powerful and versatile tool.

Service Price: $50/up to 30 min. for acclimated boarded horses, $55/up to 30 min. for acclimated haul-ins, $75 for single session training visit. $250 for our new 3-day Acclimation Training package which includes 3-days of Basic Board. This method is strongly encouraged to get your horse off to the BEST possible start.


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